The commercial value of a trademark

The trademark is a hallmark for products and services and encompasses the reputation of an enterprise and the quality of its products or services. It represents moreover the uniqueness of the enterprise.

Types of trademarks

Trademarks are filed for a particular type of trademark. Some of these are:

Word mark

Trademark for a word independent of its presentation. A word mark provides the greatest
possible protection.

Figurative mark
Trademark of a two- or three-dimensional graphic representation.

Word/figurative mark
Trademark for a figure combined with a word or several words, words in a particular

typeface or color. Examples are company of product logos.

Further trademarks

3D marks, acoustic marks, position marks, colour marks, motion marks and hologram marks

Filing and granting process

Swiss trademark: A trademark must first be filed with a national patent and trademark office. For a trademark owner in Switzerland this is the Swiss patent office (IGE) in Bern. The trademark is filed for particular products and/or services as stated by the applicant in a list of goods and services. It is recommended to perform a trademark search prior to filing in order to assure that the trademark sought for differs sufficiently from already registered trademark or filed trademark applications.

Trademarks in further countries: 

Trademarks may be filed, based on a Swiss trademark, in almost all countries of the world.

A trademark application is examined in each country where it is filed. A national registration is reached after successful completion of the examination.

Term of a trademark

A trademark may be protected for an indefinite time period. An annuity is due every 10 years in most countries.

Trademark protection combined with patent and/or design patent protection

A trademark protection can provide a meaningful addition to the IP of an enterprise if combined with patent protection for technical aspects and/or with a design patent protection.